Celestine Ukwu

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Of the many great talents of the classic Nigerian highlife scene, none contained the existential depth, transcendence, and grace of Celestine Ukwu. During his brief time in this world, he pursued education, music, and philosophy; first as a school teacher, then ultimately a singer, lyricist, and musician, first as a member of Gentleman Mike Ejeagha's Premier Dance Band, and eventually fronting his groups, The Music Royals and The Philosophers National. Beginning in the early 1970s, The Philosophers National established a radical shift in the possibilities of Nigerian highlife by moving away from the typical mid-century style and cutting a new path with a distinctly hypnotic and cerebral atmosphere. This sense of depth was apparent in the lilting, multi-layered, and pulsing music of The Philosophers National and the concise and clear-eyed lyrics sung so beautifully by Celestine Ukwu.

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