Richie Hell

The Gumbo Limbo Experiment

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When Richie Hell moved from Buenos Aires to Miami in 2015, he saw how the gumbo limbo tree's bark peeled off, like a snake shedding it's skin. He saw it as a positive sign, nature supporting this new beginning. His new full-length The Gumbo Limbo Experiment is an album that takes you to another place. Richie-an avid record collector, DJ, and musician since his teens-mixes and merges musical elements from across the space-time continuum: Afro & Balkan beats, traveling blues, future soul, '90s house, Spaghetti Western sounds, samples and field recordings, mermaid calls and mantric chants. With homages to jungles, cannabis, inner strength, and other life forces, it makes sense that his music comes across as spiritual. 

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