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Way back in the 1990s, a young Delmore stumbled into the now defunct NYC nightclub Wetlands (during the sadly also now defunct NYU Independent Music Festival), where Wild Carnation were about to begin their set. Having lived in NYC / Brooklyn / Hoboken the previous decade, where countless memorable gigs by The Feelies, Yung Wu, Trypes, and Speed The Plough had been experienced, it was the chance to see Brenda Sauter fronting her new group that drew Delmore in. A few songs into their set, it was apparent however that this trio was not just a Feelies offshoot, despite some melodic similarities, and Brenda's cool vocals/presence. Wild Carnation played raw, loud and fast (and occasionally out of control), with Richard Barnes’ distorted, melodic guitar lines perfectly colliding with Brenda's propelling bass notes while Chris O'Donovan kept it together, pounding the hell out of the drums. It was a garage-y indie rock mess, more reminiscent of Hib-Tone / Chronic Town era REM, and emergent New Zealand bands like The Bats and The Clean, than the Feelies. Delmore was smitten, and determined to sign them, despite the fact that the Delmore label had not yet released anything.

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